People with Disabilities

Halving the disability employment gap

We offer a wide range of support to people with disabilities, including support to help people into and in work. We are determined to help reduce the disability employment gap through the support we provide every day.

Improving lives every day for those in work

We provide assessments to people in work to ensure they are able to sustain their employment and maintain their independence

Our Expertise

Personal Assessment

We assess every individual to ensure they get the support they need to lead an independent life

Employer Support

We work with a wide range of employers by providing holistic, technical, ergonomic and DSE assessments 

Integrated Delivery

Through our established network, we provide a range of health, wellbeing and training services

Providing essential employment

Halving the disability employment gap
“Life has been given a purpose since I have been here”

Sean, who is visually impaired, found himself unemployed for 13 years. Aimlessly trying to find work, his confidence reached rock bottom and he felt as if he was never going to secure employment despite his eagerness to do so.

That was until he came into contact with RBLI. We are proud to say that Sean is now a respected and important member of our social enterprise, Britian's Bravest Manufacturing Company. 

Improving Lives Everyday