People Out of Work

People supported into work during 2015/2016

We are proud to offer a versatile range of employment support services dedicated to helping Veterans, individuals with disabilities and the long-term unemployed into sustained and rewarding work.

High quality support to improves lives every day

Every day we are improving lives by providing support to help people from across the UK back into work.

Our Expertise

Vocational assessment

We specialise in helping individuals identify their strengths and the work opportunities available to them

Employability support

From job searching to CV writing and interview preparation, we provide support to help individuals get the job they want

Driving innovation

We are always looking to develop new ways of providing support to improve outcomes for those seeking work

Transforming employment support

We have been developing new technologies to provide support to people who face a range of different barriers to work

“For the first time in years I have started to feel happy again"

Due to a range of health conditions, Anthony found himself out of work for 26 years and feeling severely depressed. He readily admits he felt completely lost in life, with no direction and was struggling to consider his future. 

This, he says, all changed when he was put in touch with RBLI. After receiving one-to-one support from our employment support team, Anthony has gained confidence, turned his life around and once again feels optimistic about his future having secured sustained and rewarding work.

Improving Lives Every Day