Who We Support

Improving Lives Every Day

RBLI supports the Armed Forces, people with disabilities and people who are unemployed. We improve lives every day by inspiring those we help and supporting them to find work and lead independent lives.

Our Armed Forces

We help those who have served and families of those who are currently serving through employment support, training and accomodation.

People with Disabilities

We provide support to those with disabilities who are out of work or need support to stay in work.

Out of Work

Providing those who are out of work the skills needed to find sustained employment.

“I don't where I'd be without RBLI"

Steve was injured whilst serving in the Falklands. He badly needed an operation but was told he couldn't get it until he was over 55. This meant he couldn't work. We paid for him to have the operation and gave him a home on our village. Now he works as a supervisor for Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Company.

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