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We are looking for fantastic individuals to sign up, serve their community and join our fabulous army of volunteers so that we can support even more individuals to improve their own lives. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual, a group or a corporate company you can join us and do something great.

Volunteer in our head office

Come and help the team in our head office by providing essential admin support

Corporate Volunteering

We offer a range of unique corporate volunteering experiences to companies across the UK

Help us raise money

From sporting events to bake sales, get involved in the fun to help us raise money to support even more people

“volunteering at RBLI has had a tremendous impact on my recovery”

Prior to a life-changing head injury when cycling in Tenerife, Kate Bosley was a vibrant and successful individual. However, the months of painstaking rehabilition following the accident left her directionless and depedent on the help of others. 

This is when she was put through to the volunteering team at RBLI. Immediately, Kate was given responsibilities in our factory which aided her both mentally and physically in her recovery. She has now has progressed to working directly with the team helping other volunteers find vital work experience and regain their independence.

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