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Who is RBLI?

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) is a national charity supporting the Armed Forces, people with disabilities and people who are unemployed. We improve lives every day by inspiring those we help and supporting them to find work and lead independent lives.

Who do RBLI support?

We support Britain’s Bravest - members of the Armed Forces community, including Veterans and spouses and partners of current serving personnel. We are also particularly passionate about supporting those who are out of work, and support 1000s of disabled people and others who are unemployed every year.

How do RBLI improve lives every day?

We improve lives by helping people who are struggling to find work or find a home, particularly Armed Forces Veterans and people with disabilities.

In 2016/17 we supported over 10,000 people. Here are just some of the essential support services that we provide:

Training and employability courses for Armed Forces Veterans and the families of serving personnel. Our outstanding LifeWorks courses are helping unemployed ex-service personnel to get back on their feet and create a new life for themselves on civvy street.

Employment in our factories gives Armed Forces Veterans and people with disabilities the opportunity to do practical work and be part of a team. Our incredible social enterprise, Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company, transforms lives through sustainable employment. Over 70% of staff employed in our factories have a disability or are ex-forces, and they work together to produce a range of high-quality and competitively priced products.

Housing and Nursing Care is provided via our homes in Kent to those with a connection to the Armed Forces Community. As well as a range of family housing, we offer single-persons accommodation and assisted living for all ages. For more information on the homes and support we provide click here.

When was RBLI first established?

Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI) has a proud heritage as a Veterans’ Welfare Charity supporting Britain’s Bravest. Established in 1919, we provided treatment, training and support to servicemen returning from the Great War.

Known first as Industrial Settlements Inc., RBLI began by taking ownership of Preston Hall in Kent, and provided exceptional care and employment opportunities for ex-servicemen with tuberculosis.

Over the years, this has advanced and we now provide a range of services for the Armed Forces community. We also use our expertise developed over the last 100 years to provide support to people with disabilities and those who are out of work.

Is RBLI a registered charity?

Yes, RBLI is a registered charity with Registered Charity (England and Wales) number 210063. Additionally, RBLI is a Company limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales under number 00158479.

What are RBLI’s charitable objectives?

Our charitable objectives are:

  • To support current and ex-service personnel of the British Armed Forces, their relatives and dependants.

  • To support those in need who are struggling due to ill health or disability, both mental and physcial.

  • To help people move into employment, including support to find employment as well as employability advice e.g. through our LifeWorks courses

  • The advancement of education and training, especially that which supports people to become more independent and find employment.

  • To promote equality of opportunities for people with disabilities and health conditions, particularly in relation to their access to employment.

In order to achieve these objectives, our current focuses are: promoting social value and the expansion of social enterprises, including Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Company; promoting our LifeWorks courses to ensure more Armed Forces Veterans can benefit from free employment support and are not struggling on civvy street; looking to expand LifeWorks to deliver to people with disabilties and health conditions across the UK; and expanding our housing and accomodation to ensure it is fit for the next 100 years by developing a new Centenary Village.

How does RBLI use funds raised?

Your support directly helps a special group of people; many of whom were prepared to give everything for this country, and very nearly did, and perhaps suffer from life-changing injuries, disabilities or on-going mental health issues as a result. At this time our priority is to raise funds for Britain’s Bravest to fund our LifeWorks courses which help any ex-service person who is struggling to find work. We are getting fantastic results, helping people get back on their own two feet and build a new life, not just for themselves, but for their families too. In order to expand the LifeWorks programme every year until 2019, our special Anniversary year, we need to raise almost £3m.

However if you want to donate to a particular project or donate in another way, please contact our fundraising team.

How many pence in every pound is spent on charitable activity?

In every pound, 88p is spent on direct services for our beneficiaries. Of course, at this time, as we work hard to expand and co-ordinate a national outreach programme our administrative expenditure is particularly vital. We cannot scale up our work, maintain and monitor our outstanding delivery quality, and reach veterans in villages and towns from Stirling to St Ives without excellent administrative support functions.

I would like to fundraise for RBLI, how can I get in touch?

You can find out more about fundraising for RBLI by clicking here, or by contacting our fundraising team on 01622 795916.

Can I leave money to RBLI in my will?

Yes, an increasing number of people are setting up legacies. Every legacy left to RBLI will make a vital difference to the lives of Britain’s Bravest. Remembering RBLI in your will means we can ensure we are able to develop our services and provide support to those we help for the next 100 years.

How is RBLI different from the Royal British Legion?

RBLI is a separate charity, both in governance and finance, from the Royal British Legion. RBLI has a distinct and consistent focus on service delivery, particularly in providing employment, care and housing to the Armed Forces Community. We also deliver our core capabilities of employment support for Veterans and people with disabilities into the much wider community, and are committed to halving the disability employment gap.We value our very close working relationship with our sister charity the Royal British Legion. Our close co-operation allows us both to help as many beneficiaries as possible; for example we share many facilities on our Village in Kent and also across the UK, when delivering our LifeWorks programme for Veterans.

What is LifeWorks?

LifeWorks is RBLI’s flagship employment course which helps ex-service men and women back to work. In 2016 it was independently evaluated by the Learning and Work Institute and it was found that 83% of Veterans supported were in employment within 12 months – an exceptional result compared to other similar employment programmes.

The programmes are also delivered to the spouses and partners of serving personnel and to Veterans who are in prison. You can find out more here.

Where are you based?

RBLI’s Head Office is in Kent, however we deliver support to ex-service men and women across the UK and also to families of serving personnel abroad in locations such as Cyprus and Brunei.

Are there too many military charities?

Whilst there are many military charities across the UK, RBLI works closely with other service charities to ensure money goes to the right places, ex-service personnel are supported by the right organisation for them, and there is no duplication of services. As a member of Cobseo (Confederation of Service Charities) we are part of the powerful voice that lobbies on behalf of all service charities and the entire Armed Forces community.

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