1 November 2016

RBLI dedicated remembrance art piece in Canary Wharf

RBLI has been dedicated a piece of art by award-winning artist Mark Humphrey to recognise past and present members of the armed forces.

Seven displays have been created by artist Mark and dedicated to a different military charity, providing a different focus within the theme of military experience. The aim is to encourage personal reflection and contemplation during the Poppy Appeal and Remembrance period.

The art piece which has been dedicated specifically to Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Company (division of RBLI) is on display in Canary Wharf, London, and is called "Boots of the Ground". Pairs of soldiers’ boots have been placed on the ground and attached to a tall sculpture, portraying the spirit and the soul of the British Armed Forces. The materials used to create the art was salvaged from old military equipment and manufactured using techniques devised and honed by the armed forces. 

The art trail is dotted around the London business district and was constructed with the help of the Corps of Royal Engineers. It is free to visit and open daily for two weeks from November 1.