27 March 2017

Paul's journey to LifeWorks

LifeWorks graduate Paul Harding returned to civilian life in 1990 following a bomb explosion in Northern Ireland after 14-years of service in the Royal Corps of Signals.

Paul, who was eventually diagnosed with PTSD in 2012, said he found adjusting to civilian life was extremely difficult.

He added: “I just couldn’t find my feet in normal life – I thought that the people around me were crazy but little did I know that it was me who was struggling. I eventually tried to take my own life.

“I had to be looked after at night because my head was in such a bad place.”

However, Paul’s fortunes changed after being referred to RBLI’s LifeWorks team in 2013. He said they had helped him break through a difficult barrier, showing him that the skills he had acquired during his service were transferable to the civilian workforce. He is currently employed as a Maintenance Engineer and is also an instructor with the Cadet Force.