7 June 2018

"Volunteering at RBLI is the best thing I've ever done" #volunteersweek

Roger Judge has spent the last seven months befriending some of the most disadvantaged of our beneficiaries on Royal British Legion Industries’ village. He lends his time, thoughts and empathies to ex-service personnel who face significant challenges as a result of their service.

Facing his own challenges due to MS, Roger found himself without work for almost 18 months after being made redundant. However, ever keen to apply the phenomenal listening skills he developed as an salesman, he decided to dedicate some of his time every week to listening to those less fortunate on our village.

“I have seen a different side of the world,” says Roger. “It is rewarding seeing people gain confidence and open up to me and this in return has helped me feel more positive about my personal situation.

“Volunteering has really helped me keep going, my wife has noticed the difference in me since I started.  It is so rewarding when someone says “thank you”. 

As is the case with all of our volunteers, Roger’s time is immensely valuable to RBLI and truly vital to the welfare and wellbeing of those living on our village. What is equally important, however, is that Roger is able to return home for the day with his own sense of accomplishment. 

“It has given me a reason to keep going and be more positive about my own situation. Volunteering has changed my life.  I have made many good friends."

“I would most definitely recommend volunteering at RBLI to everyone.”

Could you or someone you know give your time and support to help RBLI improve lives every day?

We have a range of volunteer roles available and are always looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to get involved and volunteer their time.

If you are interested in discussing our various opportunities then please get in contact with RBLI’s Volunteering Team, either by email on volunteer@rbli.co.uk or by phone on 01622 795924