4 June 2018

“Our volunteers add that extra special something that we just couldn’t find elsewhere!” #Volunteersweek

"Established in 2015, RBLI’s Volunteering Programme has continued to grow year on year, enabling the organisation to provide even more support to the people we serve. Every department within the organisation has been touched by volunteering in one form or another, and I am proud to be able to lead this group of people via our HR Department.

"When I am showcasing the organisation to visitors, or checking in on my own teams, I am thrilled and so proud to see the difference that the volunteers are making, and just how much they are getting in return.

"It is part of my mission to showcase these achievements to everyone, and so I sent some of my own team members back to the floor to get their hands dirty and really understand our volunteers and how they are helping to improve lives each and every day at RBLI!" - Director of Finance & Corporate Services Philip Defraine

Keen to get to grips with the crucial role our volunteers play each and every day, RBLI Senior HR Officer Jo Trainer (pictured alongside our volunteering team) spent her time getting 'back to the floor' at the charity's high-dependency nursing home Gavin Astor House. 

Jo's day was spent alongside some of our hardest-working and most compassionate volunteers, who offer superlative care to up to 50 residents - all of whom have unqiue, complex needs which require a great deal of understanding.

Needless to say, she did not leave uninspired.

"Our volunteers come from a highly-skilled and diverse background."

"The impact they have on our beneficiaries is truly life-changing," said Jo.

"For example, someone shared with me that she supports another volunteer  in on our on-site factory - Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Company - who has autism. 

"We may not have been able to continue with his volunteering here as he needed a lot of one-to-one support.

"However with the volunteers working alongside him, he is able to continue his volunteering work here in the factory, giving him independence which not only benefits him but his family also shared with us what a difference it has made to his and their own lives."


"The work they do is invaluable support to our residents and other volunteers and colleagues."

RBLI recieves more than 14,000 hours of support from over 300 individuals each and every year.

All of our volunteers dedicate their time across our range of services and division ensuring that our organisation can continue to provide outstanding support to the Armed Forces community, people with disabilities and individuals who are out of work.

"I think the volunteers gain different things depending on them individually," Jo continues.

"Social interaction, confidence, a sense of purpose and belonging, independence, new experiences, the chance to demonstrate their skills in a safe environment.  Meeting new people that  they would not meet in their every day lives.

"Volunteers are vital to RBLI they are at the heart of our charity and our success, volunteers enable us to keep Improving Lives Every Day"

"I can see how the volunteers truly change lives."