6 June 2018

Meeting those who make a real difference #VolunteersWeek

As we continue into the middle of National Volunteers’ Week, we wanted to get to grips with the benefits of volunteering – understanding how it can be constructive not only for our beneficiaries but also to those who kindly dedicate their time to supporting others.  

In doing so, we sat down with Molly McCann who spends her time volunteering on Royal British Legion Industries’ Aylesford village, lending a crucial hand to our Health and Wellbeing Service through the various social activities set up for our residents.

Molly, 18, who is now applying to join the Royal Navy, first joined our volunteer team in April of last year supporting our staff members in the Duchess of Kent and our independent-living accommodation Queen Elizabeth Court.

“I know it’s nice for them to have someone to talk to,” says Molly. “There are residents on the village, who don’t always have someone to speak to, so just to spend time with them is really worthwhile.”

More than 300 people live on RBLI’s village – many of whom require specific, tailored care. However, one of the most valuable things we can provide them with is conversation, and Molly has this in abundance.

Molly’s willingness to lend her time and develop relationships with our beneficiaries earned her a well-deserved Volunteer of the Month award – which she says is a “stand-out point” of her time here.

“It  was great, because it was such a surprise. It was nice to know that your work doesn’t go unnoticed – it’s nice to see that volunteering actually makes an impact – not just with the residents but also the people you work with.

However, as Molly admits, she hadn’t always had the confidence which is now praised by so many.

Before joining RBLI, Molly faced challenges due to a lack of confidence, finding it difficult to talk to people. “In myself,” she adds.  “I have become more confident.  I didn’t like meeting new people, I was really shy and didn’t have any confidence, but since then, I have really come out of my shell.”

“I would definitely explain and recommend the benefits the volunteering at RBLI to anyone.”

Volunteer Manager Andrew Stickells said: “The feedback received from our residents, staff and other volunteers about Molly is exceptional.

“The change in Molly has been phenomenal - she undertakes every task with enthusiasm and her bubbly nature is infectious.

“She really does highlight brilliantly the power that volunteering – at any age – can have on your character and sense of confidence.”

Could you or someone you know give your time and support to help RBLI improve lives every day?

We have a range of volunteer roles available and are always looking for enthusiastic and passionate people to get involved and volunteer their time.

If you are interested in discussing our various opportunities then please get in contact with RBLI’s Volunteering Team, either by email on volunteer@rbli.co.uk or by phone on 01622 795924