Case Study: Medway NHS Foundation Trust - Medway Maritime Hospital

The Situation

Following the introduction of the apprenticeship levy, Medway NHS Foundation Trust was aiming to increase the number of apprentices it employed at Medway Maritime Hospital. It set specific community and diversity goals to engage with local jobseekers who previously had not accessed such opportunities, or who may not have considered working in healthcare before.

"RBLI has provided a gateway to a new talent pool which has helped us successfully, cost effectively and efficiently fill a number of apprenticeship roles with high quality and dedicated individuals."

RBLI delivered a straightforward and low cost solution for Medway NHS Foundation Trust to successfully recruit for various apprenticeship roles, and meet their community and diversity aspirations.  Equally, the partnership enabled the jobseekers we support to access skills and experience within the NHS that they can use to progress into a sustainable career in the sector.  The guidance, in work support and travel funding we offered, allowed individuals to consider roles that they hadn’t previously felt were open to them, or been aware of, and provided a large and appropriate pool of candidates for the hospital to recruit from.

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