Case Study: Elizabeth

The Situation

Elizabeth struggled to read or write until the age of 15 due to severe dyslexia. She wanted to develop her own business but was struggling due to her dyslexia. She applied to receive workplace support from RBLI as part of the Access to Work programme.

How We Helped

An RBLI assessor met with Elizabeth to provide her with an Access to Work assessment. This looked at how her dyslexia impacted on her work. Elizabeth said: “I have always had a great ambition to help people with dyslexia although ironically it is the condition which held me back from putting those ideas in practice.”

“However the RBLI assessor assigned to me was an inspiration. He knew immediately what support I could receive which would allow me to develop my organisation.”

“Within days I received a full report outlining all the help that was available to me and how to access it, I now have one-to-one support and speech recognition equipment which has helped me tremendously. Without RBLI and the Access to Work programme there is no way this could have been possible.”

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