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2019 marks 100 years of Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI). 100 years of getting injured and sick veterans’ back on their feet and into employment. 

LifeWorks is our incredibly successful employment support programme, delivered throughout the UK. The 5-day intensive course followed by 12 months of reachback and remote support has transformed the lives of over 1,200 of the UK’s most vulnerable and disabled veterans since 2011. 

It costs just £1,500 to put a veteran onto a LifeWorks course, a very small amount to completely transform a veterans life. 


Were in employment, training or volunteering within 1 year of attending LifeWorks


LifeWorks offers free employability support for ex-forces


Over 1,200 ex-servicemen and women supported so far through LifeWorks

LifeWorks in Action

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We’re looking to partner with 100 companies, each company putting 1 Veteran through a LifeWorks Course, changing 100 veterans lives this Centenary Year

We’ll work hard to support you in your fundraising, align with your business and CSR goals, and bring you as close to the charity as you would like to be.


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