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Royal British Legion Industries is a national charity established in 1919 to provide treatment, training and support to service personnel returning from the Great War. Known first as Industrial Settlements Inc., RBLI began by taking ownership of Preston Hall in Aylesford, and mostly provided superlative care to tuberculous ex-servicemen.


In 1925, Industrial Settlements was taken over by The Royal British Legion, and it is for this reason we share their name today. We are still based on The Royal British Legion Village, but are now a separate charity, and since then, we have expanded and developed, and now have offices and factories (where we employ veterans as part of our Social Enterprise) around the UK. However, for almost 100 years we have remained true to our original purpose and are still providing training, support, care and employment to the Armed Forces Community today.

Yuvaraj (pictured above) developed a brain tumour whilst serving in the 1st Battalion of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, in Afghanistan. Read his story here

Our support to the Armed Forces does not end with the support and employment opportunities we offer. We also own a number of buildings and houses in Kent that are reserved especially for veterans and their families as housing. These include, Queen Elizabeth Court, an assisted living scheme, and Prince Philip Lodge, which comprises of 6 flats for ex-service personnel repatriating from abroad.


We also now provide support, care and employment for those disadvantaged by disability, a health condition or social welfare needs. This includes providing work in our factories as part of our Social Enterprise, helping the unemployed back into work through the Government's Work Programme and Access To Work schemes, and supporting the elderly through our award winning nursing home, Gavin Astor House.



If you would like more information about the work of RBLI please contact us on (01622) 795900 or email


If you're a member of the Armed Forces Community looking for support, visit our HousingLifeWorks or LifeWorks Families pages to see how we can help you.

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