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RBLI's Social Enterprise has now been rebranded as Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Company.

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Operating as a Social Enterprise, RBLI's Manufacturing division has a simple and clear objective; to provide employment in a commercial environment for Armed Forces Veterans or people with a disability, health condition or social welfare need. With a clear focus on innovation and customer service, RBLI Manufacturing delivers quality products and services at competitive prices to UK and International customers and is always keen to expand its diverse client base.


Our Social Enterprise is directly linked to our charitable mission. Since 1919 we have provided employment, support and care to our Armed Forces, and we continue to do so today. 


Over 35% of our employees have a service connection, and we employ 110 people with disabilites. By providing them with employment in our factories, we are helping them to live fulfilling lives and ensuring they maintain independance.

Revenue generated from our products and services is fed back to our beneficiaries, allowing us to create more jobs and give our current employees more training in our factories. The Social Enterprise also raises awareness of our employability courses such as LifeWorks and LifeWorks Families, and our housing services for the Armed Forces community.


Above left - Our employability coach Shaun supporting the wife of a Gurkha Engineer in Maidstone.                                  Above right - An Armed Forces Veteran & his dependant at our repatriation housing, Prince Philip Lodge, in Kent. 



Our Team of Armed Forces Veterans and people with disabilities have a wide range of training and expertise allowing them to deliver:



RBLI has adopted an innovative approach to the development of its manufacturing processes, ensuring that sustainability and providing opportunities for employee development are inherent in all that we do.


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