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Family Focus

As part of the Government's "Troubled Families" programme, we operate Family Focus, a scheme to help turn around the lives of families who are disadvantaged by social welfare needs or unemployment. As our expertise lies in employment and employability skills, we focus on helping families get into volunteer work, training or employment. 

For those who have been out of work for a long period of time, the idea of returning to employment can be scary. Not only does technology change very rapidly now, but so do methods of working. Some of the people we support feel that they are no longer contributing to society as they are dependent on others to support themselves. We help them overcome this sense of worthlessness, and using ideas behind the military ethos, we support families as they re-integrate into the community. Confidence building is integral, as is the encouragment of respect for both themselves and for others.

When families are ready, we support the adults into employment or training, and help children feel positive about school to discourage truancy. 


Dan and Polly's Story: Referred to us by Tonbridge and Maling Borough Council, Dan and Polly are now fully integrated into Family Focus and have seen great positive changes in their daily lives. Read more of their story here. 


Employability Training and Work Foundation


Employability training and Work Foundation are the two cornerstones of our Family Focus Programme delivery in Kent.

Employability looks at the work-related aspirations and goals of an individual, and provides information and advice and guidance as well as practical support in place to reach these goals. Sometimes the path to achieving a person's ultimate outcome of employment is not straightforward, and Employability support helps an individual adapt and overcome most of the obstacles that can get in the way.

Work Foundation gives individuals the opportunity to try a variety of different jobs before they commit to a career path. Using our own delivery teams RBLI provide a wide assortment of different jobs and occupations that allows them to experience the real detail of various jobs which helps them decide which option is the right career for them. RBLI offer a range of career occupations from Fulfilment, Construction, Gardening, Clerical to Reception. Each role is supported by an RBLI colleague and overseen by the Family Focus Mentor. During work foundation the customer will receive regular reviews and feedback on the progress to help them make it clear an informed decision as to what occupations right for them. If an individual feels that they have done really well on a particular area, they will also have the opportunity to go back and try that occupation again.

Work Foundation is also closely linked with the Employability support and customers will be able to get the best support from both.

Other ways we are supporting the community

We are also in the process of creating a community hub for families in Kent to engage in actvities and clubs. We hope this will prevent social isolation, anti-social behaviour and encourage integration. Find out more. 

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