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Why use RBLI for workplace assessments?

Since 2011, we have helped in excess of 9800 people to gain support and assistance in their workplace through both equipment, and by giving advice about correct posture and work patterns. RBLI provides reactive support to people with health conditions and disabilities to enable them to sustain their employment and continue to carry out their job activities.

RBLI is a highly respected national charity, with over 90 years experience of supporting the employment and welfare needs of people with disabilities and health conditions in the UK. We deliver Welfare to Work programmes, community-led projects and health based assistance with the clear focus of providing support and solutions. Our Assessment Delivery Team has the expertise to provide support before, during and through employment to enable customers to maintain their jobs and ensure they make personal progression. 

A key contract within our portfolio is a JobCentre Plus Access to Work contract throughout the South of England as well as our private intervention work across the South of England, the Midlands and the North West.

Through our highly trained staff, RBLI work with thousands of people to help them overcome barriers to and in employment, supporting them to successfully sustain their employment. We take great pride in our reputation for truly outstanding service to customers and employers and consistently achieve or exceed targeted results.

Read Lisa's story to find out about her experience of an assessment and how we helped her.

To find out more, please contact the Assessment Delivery Team on 01622 795986 or email

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